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Your Guide to Sales and Use Tax Compliance


Nexus, tax tiers, compliance, use tax, tax obligations, exemption certificates, and audits—each of these have separate regulations. Most companies are unsure of how to navigate the constantly changing regulations imposed on them when it comes to managing all things taxes.

Avalara’s AvaTax is the fully automated, fully integrated way to ensure tax compliance within your ERP, eliminate manual processes, and remove uncertainty from your day to day.

This FREE tax guide contains the following:

  • Explore the difference between sales and use taxes.
  • Understand the rules associated with doing business in various states, your obligations, and when to collect taxes.
  • Identify the areas of your business putting you at risk of an audit.
  • Learn more about exemption certificates and how to properly maintain them.
  • Explore the most complicated tax issues affecting your business today and how to manage them.
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